California Tic Tac

$1, Early Bird Ticket

Superball (EXCLUSIVE!)
Like Get the Rest, but with a twist!
Once the 3 Number Flashboard wins, if your "superball" is on the monitor, you win the rest of the money and a bonus shot!

​1 @ $4,950

Instant Tickets

We always have two varieties of $1 instant win tickets available


50c 4-corner like ticket
​$300 Winner

Ticket Selection

And many more...

We couldn't list all of our "surprises," now could we.... 

All-Play Tickets

Freespace Flashboard

50c Version

$300 Downline & $300 Regular Holder

Quack Quack

$1, Sold as Early Bird Ticket
(Attendance/Sale Dependent)

37 Horses

50c Horse race ticket with a twist
$300 to the winner (can split)

The Children's Toy Fund, Inc.

\We are currently collecting donations for the Child Life Departments at both Akron Childrens and Aultman Hospital. We will be dropping off the week of December 17, 2017. If you would like to donate, or for more information, please feel free to contact us directly at

4 on a Board + 13's

50c 4-corner like ticket & Red 13
$200 4-corner Style Winner
$200 Red 13 Seal Winner

Bonus Tickets
​UPDATED: 11/14/2017

$1199 Flashboard

$1 Flashboard Ticket
$1199 to the winner if won within 20 numbers. After 20, 1 winner will be paid at $599 and 3 paid at $200.

Non Bonus Tickets

Burnin' Balls

50c 3 Number Flashboard
Some Boards will contain "Either or" Numbers and"Wild" spaces. 
​$200 Winner

Megaball (50c)

Flashboard style. If the last number you daub says "Megaball," you win the Ball Bonus. 

Ball Bonus : $600

Seal Bonus  : $200

Hot Wheelin'

$1, Sold as Early Bird Ticket
(Attendance/Sale Dependent)

Flamingo Bingo

50c Flashboard Style Ticket
$300 to the winner

Little Flashboard

2 @ $2,500

1 @ $1,700

Mini Flashboard

18 @ $1,000

​1 @ $300

Shamrocks & Super Trolls

One version sold depending on attendance

All My X's

50c Downline/X Ticket

$250 to Downline (5 Number Named "EX") Winner
$100 to X (5 Numbers in shape of X) Winner

4 Number Flashboard

50c Ticket

$249 Payout

599 Flashboard

​1 @ $9,050

4 Corner Bingo

50c Ticket

$250 Payout

Derby Jackpot

5th Ball : $3,400

Race   : $6,800